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English Pixelmon Rules

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08 Août 2019
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I / Insults are prohibited and even more in a pejorative context.

II / It is forbidden to polute the chat by any way (flood, spam, caps)

III / Please speak exclusively french on the server.

IV / Staff members have the ability to see your private messages.

V / Any form of spoil is prohibited.

VI / Ignoring staff members if forbidden.

VII / It is quite frowned upon to criticize someone for spelling mistakes. Not everyone has an exemplary spelling!



I / Playing on more than one account is forbidden.

II / Cheats are not allowed on the server. If we have any doubts we might ask you to check. Having any cheat on your computer doesn't mean you'll be punished except if it coincides with the server. If you cheat on vanilla there will be no problem. However, our advice is to keep away from all these things making the game much less interesting for you and for others. Warning : knowing that someone is cheating and not informing the staff is also grounds for ban.

III / Griefing is forbidden. Wether the area is claimed or not, wether you were added to the claim or not or if you voluntarily break something that doesn't belong to you without the owner's approval.

IV / Each player is subject to the rules and the same sanctions whatever the grade. 

V / Bypassing a ban or mute of discord is punished.

VI / The use of a VPN on the server if forbidden and will result in the permanent ban of the player except in exceptional cases.

VII / Please respect the staff members and their decisions, don't taunt them by any way.

VIII / A legendary pokemon spawning in your claim doesn't belong to you until you catch it. The same thing goes when many players of the same team are in a warp. 

IX / Scams (eg. Selling an item for a value above or below the average price) are allowed, but deceptions (goods not received or non-compliant in the event of a sale) are prohibited. The sale of full shulkers is also prohibited at the GTS.

X / The « /warp Ressources » is free to use if you're willing to mine.



I / If you're changing your nickname you must transfer everything yourself. You can be helped by a trusted friend. However, you must inform a staff member if you change your nickname so it'll not be considered as the use of multiple account.

II / Arguments between staff members and players are prohibited and will result in the permanent ban without warning.

IV / Advertising for a PayPal transaction is prohibited, whether expressly or not. Whether it's IG (Chat, or private messages) or on the # echange-pokemon-objects channel.

V / It is possible to have more than 8 badges per player, however, when the challenger already has 8 or more badges, the champion is free to give his badge or not as an honorary title.

VI / In case of loss of stuff, items, or pokemon, in the absence of concrete proof, you will not get a refund. Don't take advantage of crashes to ask us to reimburse us for fancy things!

VII / Any publicity for something outside of Lazylex is prohibited.

VIII / Paypal transactions are forbidden.


If you have read all of these rules, all you have to do is enjoy this new adventure and have fun. Good game on Lazylex ! 


You are required to regularly consult the regulations in the event of any changes.

Bonjour !